Illustration Daily – Day 61: Stinktier

So many words in German are weirdly literal and “Stinktier” is one of my favorites. As you likely guessed from the illustration, a Stinktier is a skunk, and the word breaks down to “stink animal” when translated. Skunks’ odor is also reflected in their Latin family name: Mephitidae,which means (no surprise) “stink”. But even the English word “skunk” has malodorous origins. Skunk derives from the Algonquian: “squuncke,” which compounds the words for “urinate” and “fox-like animal”. Luckily, you can’t smell an illustration . . . and if you’re even luckier (about 1 in 1000 luckier) you can’t smell skunks at all due to specific anosmia.


Stinktier, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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