Illustration Daily – Day 105: The Adventures of Pinocchio

I’m back! My eyes are still very light sensitive so I’m working mostly in the dark and with all my screens on the lowest brightness, so hopefully this image looks okay. Now – let’s get to it. Until a couple years ago I had never read “The Adventures of Pinocchio“. I’d seen the Disney version, of course, and as creepy as the whole “Pleasure Island” sequence is, it’s nothing compared to book-Pinocchio. The book actually began it’s life as a newspaper serial, where the first half of the book was published. The complete book was published approximately 2 years after the Pinocchio’s debut in 1881. Depicted in this illustration is the scene where Pinocchio, left to his own devices as Geppetto languishes in jail, burns his feet off after falling asleep with them propped up on the stove. Over the course of the book Pinocchio gets into all kinds of mischief, killing a talking cricket accidentally (bye, Jiminy), bites off a cat’s paw, and is hanged. It’s certainly an interesting read, and if you’d like to check it out I’d recommend the edition illustrated by the amazing Gris Grimly.


The Adventures of Pinocchio, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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