Illustration Daily – Day 154: New Baby

How about some world record holding babies? So just for scale an average newborn is 7.5lbs. and around 20in. long. The heaviest baby to ever be born weighed in at 22lbs 8oz while the lightest documented infant weighed a mere 9.17oz.  The longest baby on record was 28 inches long (making him taller than some of the shortest people in the world.) The record for shortest baby is a paltry 9.44in who was born 108 day premature. But one of the strangest records for infants is for having the most teeth at birth. The record is heald by Sean Keaney who was born with 12 teeth, which were extracted to prevent problems with feeding, however, Keaney grew a second full set of teeth at 18 months.


New Baby, 5″x5″, ink and watercolor on illustration board

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