Illustration Daily – Day 88: Musician

Musicians have a reputation for wild behavior, and having a rock-star attitude certainly predates rock music. Take Mozart and his percent for vulgarities and somersaulting indoors.  But even stranger musicians have graced the smaller stage, that of the freakshow. Many sideshow performers with physical anomalies would work to develop a talent in order to add interest to their acts. Two different sets of conjoined twins Millie and Christine McKoy (billed as the Two-Headed Nightingale), and Daisy and Violet Hilton were all accomplished singers and musicians. But freakshows weren’t just home to those with deformities. They also gave a stage to those with quite unique abilities, such as the musician and comedian Joseph Pujol. Pujol, billed as Le Petomane (loosely translated – “the Fartist”), had such precise control of his bowels that he could use his rear to produce distinct notes and even play an ocarina with the aid of a hose.


Musician, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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