Illustration Daily – Day 139: Marbles

Marbles are as much a collectible as they are a toy. Before mass production of marbles began in late 1880s, a single marble would cost about a penny. However, the introduction of efficient manufacturing allowed children to purchase a bag of 30 marbles for the same price. Collectors today will pay considerably more than a penny for a marble today, if it’s special enough. Some of the rarest marbles have sold for up to $40,000. And while marbles have existed for centuries, the modern marble’s American home might well be Akron, Ohio where Samuel C. Dyke first began mass-producing marbles in both clay and glass. Since 1881 Akron has been home to multiple factories that produce marbles (including Dyke’s), and in 2002 a former factory site became home to the American Toy Marble Museum


Marbles, 5″x5″, ink and watercolor on illustration board

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