Illustration Daily – Day 149: Jack in the Box

The legendary inspiration for the Jack in the Box comes from the 14th century rector John Schorne who reportably was able to cast the devil into a boot. Some believe that depictions of Schorne holding a boot with the devil’s head poking was the muse that inspired the first toymakers. The first documentation of a Jack in the Box comes from quite a bit later, the early 16th century, when a German clockmaker created one for a local prince. The toy was so popular with the nobility, that soon it was was in great demand. You may have noticed I’m running a few days behind. Sorry about that, it’s been a crazy month. I’m working hard to catch up, so in the next few days I’ll be back on track to start the new month’s theme: Events.


Jack in the Box, 5″x5″, ink and watercolor on illustration board

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