Illustration Daily – Day 82: Hairdresser

Hooray for history! This illustration is clearly inspired by the extreme hairstyles of the 18th century. First popularized by a hairdresser called Madame Martin this towering style spread from France throughout Europe. French hairstylists maintained great popularity as they consorted with the elite and dictated the heights of style. Legros de Rumigny was named the first official hairdresser of the French court styling among others Madame de Pompadour (who inspired the hairstyle that is her namesake). Eventually de Rumigny opened Academie de Coiffure establishing the profession even more securely. Taking hair to even greater heights was Marie Antoinette’s hairdresser Leonard Autie who managed to arrange her hair into elaborate styles reaching up to four feet tall.


Hairdresser, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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