Illustration Daily – Day 76: Florist

Today is a big day for flowers, last year Valentine’s Day gifts netted florists over $50 million dollars in the US. Which is probably why this florist looks so tired. One of the most infamous events to occur on this date is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. These notorious killings were actually the culmination of a 5-year gang war between the North Side Gang and the Chicago Outfit, a war that was sparked by the murder of a florist. This florist, Dean O’Banion, just happened to also be a bootlegger and the leader of the Northside gang. In addition to his criminal activity O’Banion spent a good deal of time arranging flowers and his shop, Schofield’s, was the vendor for mob funerals for Chicago. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Florist, 5″x5″, graphite, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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