Illustration Daily – Day 68: Fashion Designer

Trying something new with a paper doll! But, a girl needs more than one outfit. Please comment and let me know which of the remaining themes you would like as outfits for this girl.

Options: Construction Worker, Baker, Archaeologist, Firefighter, Dancer, Park Ranger, Waitress, Florist, Actor, Janitor, Doctor, Librarian, Mechanic, Hairstylist, Lumberjack, Writer, Driver, Scientist, Chef, Musician, Police Officer, Pilot, and Nurse.

I will draw the most popular choices and create a free printable paper doll!

The clothes for this girl are inspired by the mod designs of Mary Quant. Mary Quant is credited with popularizing the miniskirt though designer Andre Courreges certainly deserves his share of the credit.


Fashion Designer, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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