Illustration Daily – Day 73: Dancer

More clothes for the paper doll that I made. There’s still time to comment and let me know what outfits you’d like to see this month.

Options: Waitress, Florist, Actor, Janitor, Doctor, Librarian, Mechanic, Hairstylist, Lumberjack, Writer, Driver, Scientist, Chef, Musician, Police Officer, Pilot, and Nurse.

Dance is naturally about movement, and the controlled movement of dance can be applied to more than just entertainment. Dance classes are being used for Parkinson’s patients in a bid to increase mobility as a form of physical therapy. Even police officers benefit dance, the traffic cops in Timisoara, Romania take ballet classes to improve their grace and form as they direct traffic.


Dancer, 5″x5″, ink, and watercolor on illustration board

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